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Chime sitters are handpicked from the top 1% of Sittercity’s talent pool. They all have glowing reviews from nearby families and undergo a rigorous screening process – including an in-person meeting with our team.

  • In-person meeting

  • Parent reviews

  • Background check

So it’s easier to find the perfect match.

Our video profiles help you get to know local Chime sitters and decide who’s a great fit for your family.

Chime makes booking a breeze.

Whether you need a new “go-to” or a last-minute backup, we’ll instantly connect you with babysitters that nearby parents love. And you can always re-book the sitters you and your kids like best.

No subscriptions. No hidden fees.

With Chime, you just pay your sitter a flat, friendly rate by credit card. No cash – or math – required!

Have more than one kid? Each additional child is just $1/hr.

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