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Leana G.


When I see my son connect with someone I trust, it’s really comforting.

Tony A.

Brooklyn, NYC

Wally - Park Slope, Brooklyn

We’re every bit as selective as you are

  • Chime only works with babysitters that local families really love. Our team looks for glowing reviews, we do the legwork of checking references — and we carefully review every sitter’s qualifications.

  • Chime connects you directly to nearby sitters who have experience with families like yours. And they’re all interesting, dynamic and reliable people — the kind we’d want our kids to spend time with!


    Park Slope, Brooklyn

    Education: Pursuing a Master's in Education Policy

    Interests: Cycling, Piano

  • Peace of mind is a wonderful thing! We conduct a thorough screening of all sitters that includes identity verification, full background checks and social media monitoring.



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