Our safety screenings

Each candidate goes through a very careful screening process before becoming a Chime sitter. Here’s a little more about what each screening entails.

  • Identity verification

    We check each and every sitter’s state ID or driver’s license in person to confirm their identity. Additionally, we utilize Experian’s Precise IDsm for identity screening to verify the name provided, social security number, driver’s license, address and phone number.

    Enhanced Background Check

    An Enhanced Background Check searches names based on the provided social security number against select databases sourced from various jurisdictions which are then verified against available county court records. The Enhanced Background Check also searches the name provided and up to one alias/maiden name in all counties associated with the provided social security number over the last seven years (as determined by a social security number trace). In most instances, around seven years of records data is returned, except where limited by the jurisdiction or law. The Enhanced Background Check does not include federal records. Click here to see what is included.

    Social media screen

    Each Chime sitter also goes through a social media screen. Our team checks common publicly available social media channels looking for red flags that would affect a sitter’s job performance.